Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Imagine a voice with the richness of Nat King Cole, the phrasing and lyricism of Bill Wither and the range, depth and soulfulness of Dwight Trible/ Leon Thomas (Minus the yodelling) – Gregory Porter’s voice is such an instrument and a beautiful one at that. From the spiritual Jazz of ‘Black Nile’, the Coltrane-esque ‘Wisdom’ and the urgent fire ‘1960 What?’, Porter excels vocally. He is equally at home with more gentle songs ‘Pretty’. The musicianship and arrangements are first class allowing the vocalist, the rhythm section and horns space to breathe and stretch out where appropriate. This is the best vocal Jazz album for some time – Mario Biondi’s ‘Handful Of Soul comes to mind though that album is completely different from this one.


Please note: this is a heavyweight 180gm pressing so postage will be the same for 3 LPs – sorry!

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