We Need Each Other


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 20 Jun 2020
Format: LP, Vinyl
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The sole effort of Kenny Stover, Johnny Simone and Alvin Few (who all happened to be born under the star sign Leo) this 8 track effort comprises just 4 individual tunes that the group recorded before Simone fell ill and tragically died. Stover and Simone had been backing singers for Marvin Gaye and the influence of the legendary soulman is there to hear. Stover blocked the album’s release at the time and would move onto work with Finished Touch until Lyons Records took the four tracks, added four instrumental/alternate mixes and this classic, if brief, album came into existence. The effortless glide of ‘I’m Back For More’ was covered by Marlena Shaw, Al Johnson and Tavares, ‘Give Me the Sunshine’ nods to Roy Ayers’ classic ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’ while the stunning ‘Madame Butterfly’ features the vocals of Wonderlove backing vocalist Shirley Brewer and later period Supreme Susaye Green. The funkier ‘Get The People’ hints at the wealth of talent that sadly never bore more than the grip of tunes here.  Utterly brilliant snapshot of what could have been so much more.

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