Were New Again – A Reimagining By Makaya Mccraven


Format: CD

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Release date: 7 Feb 2020
Format: CD
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Coming 10 years after Gil Scottt-Heron’s final studio album, contemporary jazz legend and beat-maker Maya McCraven offers up a hugely creative interpretation using Scott-Heron’s solemn tones above an newly imagined soundscape. The warm, spacey jazz of ‘I’m New Her’ contrasts with the rubbery funk of ‘Running’. The wiry, beat heavy ‘Where Did The Light Go’ is in stark contrast to the tender harp riff on ‘Lucy’. A bittersweet air pervades the piano lead ‘This Can’t Be Real’ while the trickling percussion of ‘Guided – Broken Home’ has an Eastern Feel. Hip hop beats, jazz licks and funk b-lines meld to give Gil Scott-Heron’s words a new life.

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