Where The Gods Are In Peace


Format: CD

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Release date: 22 Sep 2017
Format: CD
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Afrobeat giants Antibalas have been producing politically charged music for over two decades and their latest offering ‘Where The Gods Are In Peace’ shows no sign that the band is letting go of their ideology. Steeped in a multitude of influences from African to funk, central and southern American and more, the album has the unmistakeable Antibalas feel. ‘Gold Rush’ is a pacey, West African sounding dancer that speaks of exploitation and pillage, ‘Hook & Crook’, is a big bolshy, full on assault that they do so well while the ‘Tombstown’ suite comes in three parts and features Zap Mama and the ever present vocal of Duke Amayo who tells the story of this imaginary land while the band thump out the tale in music. Will please fans of Antibalas, Budos Band and folk into afrofunk.

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