World Is A Ghetto (50th Anniversary Collectors Edition)


Format: LP, Vinyl

BF RSD 2023 – Available from Friday 24th November 10 am in store and on-line from Saturday 25th November 8am

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Release date: 24 Nov 2023
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 5
SKU: 202320028
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The World is a Ghetto was WAR’s 1973 funk/R&B/latin fusion jam, which became the top selling record in America that year. It features “Cisco Kid” inspired by the popular mid-century TV show, The title Track, “The World Is A Ghetto” which has been sampled in more than 31 hip hop songs, including tracks by Geto Boys, Ice T-, and A$AP Mob, instrumental jam “City, Country, City,” Four Cornered Room, Beetles In The Bog, and Where Was You At. This release features the progressions of the two key tracks (Cisco Kid and The World Is A Ghetto), and alternate takes/reimaginings of the remaining tracks


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