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Soul Brother Selection – 8th July 2018

Hear this week’s show at this link

Ruby Andrews – Just Loving you (Black ruby cd/lp)
Alex Brown – I’m not responsible (In search of love cd/lp)
Connie Laverne – Cant live without you (45/rare soul heaven cd)
Stevens & Foster – I want to be love (45)
Lou Courtney – I don’t need nobody else (I’m in need of love cd/lp)
Mark Iv – I knew it wouldn’t last (Signs of a dying love cd/lp)
Anderson Brothers – I can see him loving you (45/rare soul heaven cd)
Billy Byrd – Lost in the crowd (45)
Ebonystic – Aint it good to you (45)
Jean Carn – Lonely girl in a cold cold world (Don’t let it go to your head -the anthology cd)
100% pure poison – Puppet on a chain (Windy c collection 45/coming right at you lp)
Dee Edwards – I can deal with it (Strings version) (45/wants list 4 cd/lp)
Leroy Hutson – When you smile (Love oh love cd/lp)
Leroy Hutson – More where that came from (Unforgettable cd/lp)
Shake – Lost in space (Music is the only way we can communicate cd/lp)
Super Elcados – Afro Funk (Togetherness is always a good venture cd/lp)
Afrodisia – Sugar Free (Elephant sunrise cd/lp)
Cittus Sun – Send me your feelings (Ride like the wind cd)
Nicola Conte – Love power (let you light shine on cd/lp)
Kamasi Washington – Fist of fury (Heaven & earth cd/lp box )
Kaidi Tatham – It’s a world before you (It’s a world before you cd/lp)
Louie Vega ft Rochelle Flemming and Barbara Tucker – Love having you around (Nyc disco cd/lp)
Bamboos – Golden ticket (Night time people cd/lp)
Suffers – Mammas (Everything here cd/lp)
Michon Young – Lets go to work (Live life experience vol 2 cd)
Swing out sister – Happier than sunshine (Almost persuaded cd/lp)
Southern Avenue – Slipped tripped and fell in love (Southern avenue cd/lp)
Shirley Davis & the silverbacks – Fire (Wishes and wants cd/lp)