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Soul Brother Selection Radio Show 31st March 2019

Hear the show here

Marvin Gaye – The world is rated x (You’re the man lp/forthcoming cd)
Marvin Gaye – Where are we going (You’re the man lp/forthcoming cd)
David Ruffin – I Wanna be with you (45)
Barbara Lynn – Disco Music (45)
Jack Jacobs – I believe it’s all right (45)
Loading Zone ft Linda Tillery – No More Tears (Loading zone cd)
Margie Joseph – Nobody (45)
Barbara Lynn – I’m a good woman (Forthcoming 45)
Darrell Banks – Open the door to your heart (Forthcoming RSD 45)
Alice Clark – Never did i stop loving you (Forthcoming RSD LP Alice Clark)
Sharon Ridley – Where did you learn to make love the way you do (Forthcoming RSD 45)
Ralph Graham – Ain’t no need (Forthcoming RSD 45)
Robert Vanderbilt & the Foundation of Souls – A message especially from God (Late night tales – Floating Points cd/lp)
Love Unlimited Orchestra – Midnight and you (Rhapsody in love lp/complete 20th century albums cd box set)
Rose Royce – Still in love (12”/groove on down 2 cd)
Eumir Deodato – Arranha Ceu (Skycropers) (Os catedraticos 73 cd/lp)
Joe Bataan – Laughing and crying (Afrofilipino lp)
Bobby Sparks ft Roy Hargrove – Take it (Schizophrenia cd/lp)
Ruby Rushton – The Target (Forthcoming Ironside cd/lp)
Dwight Trible – Mother (Mothership cd/lp)
Clifford Jordan – Eddie Harris (Glass beads and Games lp)
Bobby Sparks ii ft Frank McComb – I miss u (Schizophrenia cd/lp)
Doobie Powell – I Day (Finding myself again cd)
R C And the Gritz ft Amber Bullock – Fallin in love (Analog World cd)
Starlene Bey – Living all alone (Classy 7 Soulful ep Cd)
Durand Jones and the Indications – Walk away (American love call cd/lp)
Lee Fields & The Expressions – It Rains love (Forthcoming It rains love cd/lp)