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Release date: 14 Jun 2019
Format: CD
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1970 album by UK seven-piece Demon Fuzz, this much in demand set has been expanded to include three bonus cuts originally only on 7”. The album blends funk with jazz, afro-rock an psychedelia and has been sampled numerous times. There’s a palpable energy to every track and the invention and musicianship is superb. The epic prog-funk ‘Past, Present, Future’ is a nine minute tour de force, ‘Disillusioned Man’ a minor key vocal cut that has everything thrown into the mix, the crashing, expansive ‘Mercy (variation 1)’ is a sprawling jazz piece with a nod to Axelrod while the thumping bluesy flunk of ‘I Put A Spell On You’ swirls and cooks. The more laid back ‘Hymn To Mother Earth’ still breaks out into chaos at times but reigns it back in while the swaggering ‘Fuzz Oriental Blues’ again demonstrates the band’s prowess. Utterly brilliant, inventive and dynamic album.

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