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Release date: 28 Sep 2018
Format: CD
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This 1975 release on the fabled Black Fire imprint is rightly hailed as a soul/jazz classic with its heavy percussion, looping chants and forceful drive. The title track ‘African Rhythms’ is a gem that combines a deep funky bass, Plunky’s winding sax, Eka-Ete Jackie Lewis’ urgent vocals and the background chants and whoops that create an electric atmosphere. The first 2 tracks roll into each other with ‘Kazi’ picking up the pace on a funky jazzy instrumental. There are more stripped back, percussive moments like ‘Funky Wood’ and ‘Tarishi’ while the mellow ‘Incognito’ is a beautiful, ponderous slab of spiritual soul/jazz. The hard driving ‘Don’t Give Up’ is a club classic, ‘Poo Too’ has a superb open break that gateways a deep, funky cosmic landscape while ‘Liberation Dues’ again rides on a slick, classy B-line. This new issue includes the unreleased banger ‘Afrobeat’. Essential.

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