Bunn Debrett Quintet 2


Format: LP/Vinyl

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Format: LP/Vinyl
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Bunn DeBrett Quintet is back with volume 2 of the eponymous album series of contemporary Jazz. Following on from the success of the critically acclaimed first album released in 2021 which sold out its vinyl run, volume 2 builds on the artistic and creative expressions of Volume 1 to bring together a group of artists to perform on Stephen Bunn and Jon DeBrett’s compositions.

Once again featuring the core musicians of Stephen and Jon along with Neil Corcoran, Alan Barnes and Roger Beujolais and the stunning spoken word vocals of Tenesha the Wordsmith BDQ vol. 2 also benefits from the contributions of instrumentalists Nathan Haines, Crispin Taylor, Alastair Martin and the poetry of Daniel B. Summerhill.

Across the five tracks of this album this stellar line-up of musicians, composers and artists have a created just under 40 minutes of the most fluid and fluent contemporary Jazz you will hear in many a year. Combining the spiritual with the modal and the modern, the atmosphere of this album will capture, enchant and enrapture all true music fans and those whose boundaries are blurred as to be non-existent. This truly is an album that falls into the ‘must have’ and ‘you need this’ categories.

Bunn DeBrett Quintet, owes much to London Transport’s 94 Night Bus.
Drummer and percussionist Stephen (Bunny) Bunn and guitarist and keys player Jon DeBrett first collaborated as founding members of 90’s Acid Jazz Records signed act Mother Earth. With further partnerships as remixers, producers and DJs the pair called it quits on the music industry sometime around the turn of the millennium. In 2019 they bumped into each other at the world famous 100 Club in London’s Oxford Street at a gig featuring a new incarnation of Mother Earth with Matt Deighton from the original line-up. The first BDQ album came from the conversations that Stephen and Jon had that night. Indeed it was on the 94 Bus back to Acton (West London) the Bunny decided that he and Jon DeBrett should make music again. As little as a few weeks later they were back in the studio and after the success of BDQ we now have the joy of listening to BDQ 2.

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