Fade To Black


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Format: CD
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Carmen Lundy has established herself as one of the best female Jazz vocalists with a succession of great albums over nearly 40 years. On her latest ‘Fade To Black’ , Carmen sings, plays keyboards and guitar, percussion and arranges the horns over 11 self composed songs, illustrating why she is held in such high esteem.

As ever she is accompanied by some great musicians especially Julius Rodriguez on piano, Andrew Renfroe on guitar, her brother Curtis Lundy on bass and Wallace Rooney on trumpet, but it is always her vocals that captivate, as she tells stories of life experiences and on some songs reflects on memories and the journey to afterlife. This album needs to be listened to as a total album , rather than as individual tracks to be fully appreciated. ‘Shine A light’ has the highest tempo and is a really nice track. ‘ Transition (To A Promised Land)’ and the almost modal ‘Reverence’ are deeper more intricate tracks displaying great musicianship and interaction between Carmen and the band. ‘So Amazing’ and ‘Ain’t I Human’ are more subtle and lighter. A quality album throughout, music that you can really feel.

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