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Release date: 22 Feb 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
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Super-rare Ghanaian funk from the mono-titled Rob, of the very few, limited run albums he produced this stands as the most coveted and is probably the most realistic way of ever hearing it. The title track is an hypnotic, repetitive chant like afro-funker with incisive horns and persistent percussion, the atmospheric, bluesy ballad of ‘Forgive Us All’ lends some contrast while the tough groove of ‘Boogie On’ tears along with those horns zipping in and out and that open percussion giving a the track a live feel. The wiry, spacey vibe of ‘Your Kiss’ again draws on a sort of experimental bluesy balladry while Rob revels in the cosmic synth on ‘More’ as the band are allowed to freeform and solo before falling back into a tough funk groove. Don’t miss this brief but engaging rarity.


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