The Mixed Bag First Album


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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The Mixed Bag First Album was recorded in the HDH studios in Detroit in 1975, and released on the Tribe label. It features Eddie Russ on keyboards under the pseudonym Gaff Dunsun, most of the band had played on his debut album ‘Fresh Out’ a year earlier. It contains the original version of his classic ‘Ziaus’ this take being more acoustic and straight ahead than the better known version

on ‘See The Light’ but still a shifter and good track. ‘ La Margarita’ is a highly percussive Latin tinged Jazz dancer also written by Russ, who plays quirky keyboards with Larry Nozero playing nice horns. ‘New Moon’ has an urgent groove whilst ‘Shark’ is funky fusion. ‘I Wish’ is a laid back track led by Nozero on flute, and ‘Maxine’ a mid tempo groove. Nice album and well overdue vinyl reissue of what is now a very expensive album, mint originals have sold for £500.


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