What Kinda Music (Deluxe Edition)


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Highly anticipated collaborative album from producer/singer/songwriter Tom Misch and drummer Yussef Dayes, the latter noted for hiswork in Ruby Rushton and Yussef Kamaal. ‘What Kinda Music’ finds the duo in a made to measure fit: Misch’s often smooth, lounge-soul vibe colliding with Dayes’ powerful rhythms on an album that differs from either of the pair’s previous projects. The slow building opening title track is typical of the feel on most of the set: dream-jazz landscapes with linear structure and a kind of improv feel. The chilled ‘Nightrider’ is closer in terms of structure to Misch’s work on his lauded ‘Geography’ album while the crashing ‘Lift Off’ finds the duo (along with guitarist Rocco Palladino) indulging in an all out, heavy psychedelic funk jam. The superb, drifting, ebbing jazz of ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ is a highlight, ‘Tidal Wave’ is a laid back, delicate soul number while the frenetic ‘I Did It For You’ is a spacey semi-instrumental that finds the pair in full experimental mode. ‘Last 100’ is also a strong highlight that has more conventional structure. Definitely not another ‘Geography’ or ‘Black Focus’ but absolutely somewhere in between and beyond! Check it out, absorb it and let it grow on you!

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