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Brian Jackson – This Is Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson was Gil Scott Heron’s musical  partner for a decade from 1971 to 1980, playing keyboards,  writing and co-writing many of their classic tracks from that time. Brian makes his first album in many years ‘This is Brian Jackson’.

It features six new tracks with a message, co-produced with percussionist Daniel Collas, plus two unreleased tracks from 1979. ‘All Talk’ is a percussive keyboard and flute led vocal track that  grooves along nicely. ‘Force of Will’ has an intricate groove that features some nice guitar playing by Binky Brice. ‘C’est Cette Comete’ is a lovely mid tempo semi instrumental with a hypnotic feel. The string backed ‘Nomad’ is another nice laid back track featuring Brian on acoustic piano.

‘Mami Wata’ has a heavy African influence and is also very percussive and hypnotic, with Brian playing Kalimba as well as keyboards. ‘Those Kind of Blues’ has a spoken word intro and outro, developing into a strutting instrumental.

‘ Hold On’ and ‘Little Orphan Boy’ have a different vibe as they were recorded in 1979 by Malcolm Cecil at T.O.N.T.O. and sound like they were intended to be on Gil and Brian’s ‘1980’ album,  but have been finished with contemporary musicians.

A Strong album, welcome back Brian.

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Check out the tracks below

Brian Jackson – All Talk
Brian Jackson – Force Of Will
Brian Jackson – C’est Cette Comete
Brian Jackson – Nomad
Brian Jackson – Mami Wata
Brian Jackson – Path To Macondo / Those Kind Of Blues
Brian Jackson – Hold On
Brian Jackson – Little Orphan Boy