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Georgie Sweet – Misunderstood | Album of the day 20th October 2020

20 year old Georgie Sweet’s debut album ‘Misunderstood’ is a set that belies her tender age and fully deserves the plaudits that are being heaped on her and her first full length release. Take the cool swagger of Erykah Badu, the assured grace of Jill Scott and the unmistakable flavour of UK neo soul and you have an album that pleases across the board. Label mate Deborah Jordan has guided Georgie with her knowledge and wisdom and the similarities between the two are evident, but both possess their own voice. The delicate, jazzy ‘Sorry’, the scratchy, almost trip hop ‘Half Human’ and the languid, laid back title track are among the highlights on a 14 track set that doesn’t deviate far from an overal tempo. Smoky lounge vibes abound on cuts like ‘Here’ and ‘Deserve Something’ while the more uptempo ‘What I Had Done’ offers a different flavour. Very good, very chilled, well worth exploring as its nuances take a while to fully mature, but mature they do.

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What I Had Done

I Am Living
Deserve Something
The One
Half Human
Misunderstood Reprise
Sorry (Live @ Futuristica HQ)

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