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Soul On The Real Side Vol 5 | Album of the day 7th January 2021

We have just discovered a small amount of these in storage after years of thinking they had sold out. Now commonly selling for over £20 on Discogs these are unplayed, sealed copies. Outta sight return with another selection of new and vintage ‘modern soul’ sounds and as ever the quality is strong. This time they’ve picked up on a cross section of the hard to find, classic and long dormant sounds. The UK’s J.A.L.N Band’s ‘Let Do It Now’ sounds bright, Tomorrow Edition’s ‘Be Real’ has long been an underground favourite while ZZ Hill’s ‘Universal Love’ is rightly gaining popularity. Prophecy’s ‘Rain In My Life’ is another highlight as are the great crossover sound from Speedometer ‘Just The Same’, D’Influence’s ‘Magic’ and Leon Bryant’s sparkling ‘Just The Way You Like It’. Another solid set.

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Love Is A Game by Harry Ray | Angie B
Whisper (In Your Ear) by Reggie Griffin
Please Stay Don’t Go by Jesus Alvarez
I’ve Quit Running The Streets by Garland Green
Baby Don’t Wake Me by Del Davis
Let’s Do It Now by J.A.L.N. Band
Universal Love by Z.Z. Hill
Be Real by Tomorrow’s Edition
Aah Dance by Fine Quality | Cuz
I Wanna Spend My Whole Life With You by Street People
Rain In My Life by Prophecy
No One (Can Love You Like I Do) by The Flakes
Just The Way You Like It by Leon Bryant
(A Case Of) Too Much Love Making by Lisa Standfield
Magic by D’influence
Backyard Party by R Kelly
Something For The Weekend by Ben Westbeech
Just The Same by Speedometer | James Junior
The Sha by La Bandit
Give Him Up by The First Generation

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