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F.B.I – F.B.I

FBI were one of the tightest UK Funk and Soul bands of the 1970’s. The nine piece band led by Root Jackson had a real feel good sound.

He interchanges with Bonnie Wilkerson on vocals on this nine track album originally released in 1976. The album is a mix of hard driving funk like ‘FBI’, ‘Bad Deal’ ,’Get That Ball’ and ‘Free Prision’ plus soul cuts including ‘Let Me Love You’ and a great covers of Jr Bailey’s ‘Love Love Love’ and Stevie Wonder’s storming ‘Keep On Running’. The outstanding track though is the multi-paced ‘Talking About Love’

A rare groove classic that surely is one of the best soul records recorded in this country.

Newly pressed on the Soul Brother label from the original masters, this is the second time that we’ve reissued the album, licensed in collaboration with original founder Root Jackson. Grab a copy of one of the finest British funk and soul albums ever recorded at a fraction of the price of the original.

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Listen to the tracks here

F.B.I – F.B.I
F.B.I – Talking About Love
F.B.I – Love, Love, Love
F.B.I – Free Prison
F.B.I – The Time Is Right To Leave The City
F.B.I – Bad Deal
F.B.I – Let Me Love You
F.B.I – Keep On Running

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