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Album Of The Day | Joshua Moshe – Inner Search

Following a challenging recovery period after chemotherapy in late 2021, Saxophonist Joshua Moshe embarked on a transformative musical journey, shedding his band persona and embracing a solo identity. The culmination of this artistic exploration is his debut album ‘Inner Search’, recorded six months after completing treatment. For this project, Moshe assembled a rejuvenated lineup of incredible collaborators including co-producer and keyboardist Lewis Moody and Baritone Sax player Phil Noy from fellow Australian band Menagerie. The album consists of eight contemporary Jazz tracks with an edge, Joshua displaying a Joe Henderson influence in his approach, delivery and intensity especially on tracks like ‘Inner Search’ , ‘World Apart’, ‘Tree House’ and ‘Levels’. ‘Yehudah’ is a moody down tempo track that concludes the album on a crescendo.

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