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Soul Brother Selection – 1st April 2018

Listen to the show here

O’Jays – Shattered man (Eccentric soul – the saru label cd/lp)
Elements – Hey lady (Eccentric soul – the saru label cd/lp)
Margie Joseph – I can t move no mountains (Soul festival cd/lp)
Margie Joseph – Ridin high (Wants list 4 cd/lp)
Margie Joseph – Lets stay together (Margie joseph cd/lp)
Dionne Warwick – Move me no mountain (45)
leroy Hutson – It’s Different (Hutson 1 cd/lp)
leroy Hutson – Love the feeling (Hutson 11 cd/lp)
L.T. & the soulful dynamics – Crazy about you baby (45)
Out of sights – My womans love (Eccentric soul – the saru label cd/lp)
Mighty clouds of joy – Jonah (Bless the people everywhere cd/lp)
David Coleman – Drown my heart (45)
Bobby Wright – Blood of an american (45)
Maxine weldon – I want sunday back again (Wants list 4 cd/lp)
Beginning of the end – Fishman (nassau funk cd/forthcoming rsd single)
Voices of east harlem – Little people (voices of east harlem lp/cd)
Voices of east harlem – Can you feel it pt 1 (can you feel it cd/lp)
Leon Thomas – Prince of peace (Leon thomas anthology cd/lp)
Pharoah Sanders – Upper egypt and lower egypt (edit) (Pharoah sanders anthology cd/tauhid lp)
Geoffrey Stoner – Bend your head down low (Jazz on the corner cd/lp)
Jarrod Lawson – Music and its magical ways (Jarrod Lawson cd/forthcoming RSD LP)
Tatiana Lady May Mayfield – Next chapter pt 1 (Next chapter cd)
Ronnie Wright – Stand (Aka bespeak cd)
Detroit Rising – Little bit (A cosmic jazz funk adventure cd/lp)
Lindsey Webster – Love inside (Love inside cd)
Tatiana Lady May Mayfield – Overflow (Next chapter cd)
Robb Scott – Negative pleasures (Siren cd)
Molly Tentarelli – La la la (Molly Tentarelli cd)