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Soul Brother Selection – 27th May 2018

Hear this week’s show here

Ann Sexton – You’ve Been gone too long (45/ann exton anthology cd)
Margie Joseph – I Can’t move no mountains (45)
Mark Iv – I knew it wouldn’t last (Signs of a dying love lp/forthcoming cd)
David Peoples – Got to get my broom out (Eccentric soul – saru label cd/lp)
Manhattans – Give him up (wants list 4 cd/lp)
Chuck Jackson – What’s with this loneliness (45)
Baby Huey – Hard times (45/baby huey story rsd lp)
Skullsnaps – It’s a new day (45)
Charles Wright – Express yourself (Rsd 45)
Margie Joseph – Come back to me lover (45)
Mark Iv – Give me just a little (45//lp/forthcoming cd)
Mary Clark – You got your hold on me (Rsd 45/wants list 4 cd/lp)
Samuel Jonathan Johnson – My Music (12/wants list 2 cd)
Phyllis Hyman – Living inside your love (12/deliver the love anthology cd)
Hubert laws – Family (12/family cd)
Harold Vick – Don’t look back (Don’t look back lp)
Sean Khan ft Heidi Vogel – Moment of collapse (Palmares fantasy cd/lp)
Jessica Lauren – Chichourlette (Almeria cd/lp)
Joe Armon Jones – Mollison Dub (Starting today cd/lp)
David Garfield – Song for my father (Jazz outside the box cd)
Tatiana Lady May Mayfield – Me and you (next chapter cd)
K Avett – Feelin good (Lioness cd)
isaiah Sharkey – Special lady (Love life love cd)
Robin Mckelle – Do you believe (Melodic canvas cd)
Mamas gun – Strangers on a street (Golden days cd/lp)
MF Robots – Sweet harmony (Music for robots cd/lp)
Leon Bridges – Bad bad news (Good thing cd/lp)