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Soul Brother selection radio show – 28th July 2019

Hear the show here

Joe Anderson – You and I (Soul on the real side vol 10 cd)
David Ruffin – Everythings coming up love (This is it -more from the van mccoy songbook 1962-1977 cd)
Bill Brandon – Streets got my lady (45)
Willie Hutch – California my way (Fully exposed cd)
Barbara Mason – Half sister half brother (Transition cd)
Renee Geyer – Be there in the morning (45)
Ms Victoria Barnes – Never too late (Under the influence vol 7 cd/lp)
Smallwood Brothers – Day before tomorrow (Soul on the real side vol 10 cd)
Synergy ft Donnel Pitman – More people than me (Under the influence vol 7 cd/lp)
Chet Ivey – Dose of soul (45/masterpieces of modern soul vol 5 cd)
Meters – Just kissed my baby (45/rejuvenation cd/lp)
Brass Construction – Movin (Brass Construction cd/lp)
Mosambique – Into the night (Big city moves cd)
Dufresme – Pick up/Galaxy (Sunnyside up cd/lp)
Brandee Younger – Games (Soul Awakening cd)
Audrey Powne – Bleeding hearts (Sunnyside up cd/lp)
Theo Croker ft Rose Gold – Getaway gold (Star people nation cd/lp)
Starcrost – False paradise (Starcrost cd/lp)
Natasha Watts & hundred birds orchestra – Good love (Natasha Watts & hundred birds orchestra)
Candace Woodson – Free (Desire cd)
Jennifer Holliday – Baby tonite (12”)
Isaiah Sharkey – Special lady (Love life live cd)
Tahirah Memory – Easy (asha cd)
Kelly Finnigan – Cant let him down (The tales people tell cd/lp)
Carlton Jumel Smith – Remember me (1634 Lexington avenue cd/lp)