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The Story of Funk – classic albums

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I hope that you saw the superb programme about the Story of Funk-One nation under a groove on BBC4 on Friday night. If you missed it you should be able to catch it on the I Player this week. There was some great footage of James Brown , Sly and the Family Stone , Earth Wind and Fire, Parliament/Funkadelic and others along with a good narrative from Soweto Kinch.

Also if you haven’t already seen it, the Get on Up film about James Brown’s life is well worth seeing at the cinema.
We have updated our Classic Funk albums feature on the site to include titles that have become available since we first posted it 3 – 4 years ago and removing those no longer available on CD.
So here is our selection of the 25 best Funk albums currently available on CD, we have restricted it to one album per artist except the Godfather James Brown, who we have allowed two.
I hope that you enjoy it.  Give up the Funk !